Visiting old playlists on Youtube from middle school more like


Hater: “your blog is trash!”

Me: image


My process for all the paisley armchair pictures. I sometimes forgot to save iterations regularly, so they’re a bit uneven (especially the blue one).

Sorted in the order they were made.


Higher Sky, student short-film directed by Eric Cheng (University of Southern California).
Preview video :


I ordered myself a half-price pizza and have therefore successfully avoided grocery shopping for another two days



Crewmember Tetsuo Hayashi airbrushes the final touches to a 6.6 meter replica of the famous Godzilla at Tokyo Midtown on July 15, 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. The “MIDTOWN Meets GODZILLA” project is in collaboration with the Japan release of the Hollywood film version of “Godzilla” The Godzilla built on the lawns of Tokyo Midtown will host a light show everynight complete with mist, audio and fire rays.

Japan, you really know how to welcome the big guy back.

its daylghight outside so i gotta sleep but im still just laughin at stupid hannibal chau nonsense. good fuckin night


"Well, Newt, I’ve been all around the world looking for you so that I could get my shoe back. I went to just about every shatterdome on the Pacific Ocean asking around you, got roped into helping recover Striker Eureka from the bottom of the ocean, accidentally opened a new rift, went through it, knocked out some crab people, managed to find my way back and finally to you. But now that I’m here, I think the real thing that I was looking for all this time turned out to be the friends that I made along the way."

"Wow do you really mean that, Hannibal Chau?

"No, give me back my goddamn shoe so that I can smack you in the face with it."

pacrim 2: shoe boogaloo
hannibal chau chases newt and hermann through time and space in a heartracing quest for the return of his shoe. the adventure takes them through hong kong, los angeles, a kaijuverse bowling alley, and the troll market as the science nerds try to outrun the furious bone merchant who pursues them in search of his favorite goddamn shoe. stacker pentecost makes a return to the big screen, stating that he “got better”. cucumbers will be dropped, 2016.


pacific rim 2 confirmed for 2 hours worth of hannibal chau trying to get his shoe back

pacrim 2 where hannibal chau opens a new rift in his fury that his shoe has gone missing. he harnesses the kaiju army to hunt for newt, in the hopes of claiming back his shoe. only to discover that this is exactly what newt wanted, and newt thinks its the best birthday present ever. anger! passion! custom loubitons! mako mori teaches raleigh to do yoga! herman is also there, and theres math! coming to a cinema near you 2016.